Quiz: Nobody Has Scored At Least 13/15 On This Culinary Test. Can You?


"To be a good cook , you have to have a love of the good, a love of hard work, and a love of creating." - Julia Child

 Dec 04, 2017
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Which of the following would you not find on an Italian menu?
Caprese Salad
Spaghetti Carbonara
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How many pastries are in a baker's dozen?
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What kind of meat is pork?
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How is meat cured?
It is salted, kept dry, and aged.
It is soaked in wine.
It is baked oh a high temperature in an oven.
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Which of the following is the most tender beef cut?
Flank Steak
Filet Mignon
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Which of the following is NOT considered poultry?
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Which kind of meat comes from the youngest aninmal?
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Foie Gras is the enlarged liver of a:
Sea Urchin
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At what temperature does water freeze?
100 degrees
0 degrees
32 degrees
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Which of the following uses the lowest temperature method?
They're the same
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What language is used for most common cooking terms like 'sous vide?'
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What instrument would you use to open a bottle of wine?
A cork screw
A knife
A spiralizer
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What is the difference between a crepe and a pancake?
A pancake is lighter and thinner
A crepe is lighter and thinner
Americans don't like crepes
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Which of the following is not a vegetable?
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The Italian phrase Al dente means:
Cooked but firm
To the tooth
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