Quiz: No NASCAR Fan Has Scored 15/15 On This Test. Can You?


That's a real Nas Car you got there!

Use this test to answer questions about NASCAR and see whether you're really a huge fan, or whether you need to take the passenger seat.

 Dec 15, 2017
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Which of the following is the most popular and prestigious NASCAR race?
Daytona 500
Coca-Cola 600
Indy 500
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How many laps does it take to complete the 500 mile-race at Daytona International Speedway?
200 laps
50 laps
1000 laps
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Generally, how many cars compete in a NASCAR race?
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What do you call the car which limits the speed of competing cars on a racetrack in the case of a caution period?
Caution Car
Regulator Car
Pace Car
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What does a black flag mean?
A driver is disqualified
A driver must pit immediately
False start
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Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, and Jimmie Johnson hold the record for most NASCAR titles at ____ wins each.
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Which of the following do roof flaps NOT do?
Prevent the car rolling
Prevent the car going airborne
Add padding during a crash
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Where was the first nationally televised race set?
Las Vegas
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What does a yellow strip across the back of a NASCAR represent?
A champion driver
An injured driver
A rookie driver
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Which of the following is NOT a role for a pit crew member?
Gas Man
Tire Blower
Jack Man
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How many people are there in a NASCAR pit crew?
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Which state is sometimes referred to as NASCAR Valley?
North Carolina
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Who is responsible for starting NASCAR?
Bill France
Wendel Scott
Erwin Baker
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What does NASCAR stand for?
National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
It comes from the phrase "Nice Car"
National American Fast Speed Car Auto Racing
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Where was the first NASCAR race held?
North Carolina
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