Quiz: No Maine Local Has Scored 13/15 On This Test. Can You?


Are you a true Mainer??

Step right up, and take this quiz! If you think you know the most about your state, test your smarts. Only a few will get 100%...

 Dec 15, 2017
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What very cold country borders Maine?
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What kind of food will you DEFINITELY find in Maine?
fresh watermelon ALL year round
good, traditional Mexican food
Lobster of any kind
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What is the city of Bath known as in Maine?
the city of bad-smelling feet
the city of ships
the city of merry-go-rounds
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What is the name of the liberal arts college in Maine, located in Lewiston?
University of Arizona
Harvard University
Bates College
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What's the capital of Maine?
New York
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What shoe company is the city Freeport, Maine home to?
L.L. Bean
JP Morgan Chase
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What kind of pie is Maine very famous for?
Raspberry pie
Blueberry pie
Pecan pie
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Which is NOT a harbor town in Maine?
Booth Bay
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This pie, hailing from Maine, is not a traditional pie, but a sweet sandwich; what's the name of this pie?
a whoopie pie
a $5 footlong
a turkey sub
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What large animal is found in Maine?
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Which town is known as Maine's liberal hub?
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What's a Maine winter like?
lots of hurricanes, lightning storms and tornadoes
sunny, ALWAYS sunny
it snows a HECK of a lot (expects 45-121 inches a year!!)
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What are red snappers?
Hot dogs
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Portland Head Light is the oldest _____ in Maine.
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Which of the following is the most popular lobster dish in Maine?
Lobster stew
Lobster rolls
Lobster salad
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