Quiz: No American Has Scored 22/22 On This USA Test. Can You?

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Does your heart soar on an American bald eagle's wings?

Questions Americans should know about living in the United States. Trivia questions to prove that you're a true American.

 Dec 19, 2017
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What was the era directly following the Civil War called?
Reconstruction Era
Colonization and Settlement
Reproduction Era
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In 1492, Columbus sailed… the what?
Lobster stew
Ocean blue
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How many states are considered the “original colonies?”
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What is considered America's national pastime?
Refusing to convert to the metric system.
Continuously binge watching "Friends."
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Paul Bunyan, an American folklore hero, is known for what?
He rode his horse to warn that the British were coming
He's a giant lumberjack with a blue Ox named Babe.
He was the first doctor to remove a foot bunion successfully.
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Where was America's first capital?
New York City
Washington, D.C.
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Which geographic region is known as the "Bible Belt"?
The South
Pacific Northwest
New England
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What America's national anthem?
"This Land Is Your Land"
"The Star-Spangled Banner"
"Party In the U.S.A."
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Which book is NOT considered a great American classic?
The Great Gatsby
Pride and Prejudice
To Kill A Mockingbird
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What is considered America's most popular food?
Mashed potatoes
Oreoes. Fried, if you go to the fair
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What state was the last to join the Union?
New Mexico
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Who won the first ever Super Bowl?
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What year did Woodstock take place?
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Which movie star is often considered “America’s Sweetheart?”
Sandra Bullock
Kate Winslet
Anjelica Huston
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Which of the following is NOT featured on Mount Rushmore?
George Washington
Theodore Roosevelt
Alexander Hamilton
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What is the official motto of the United States?
"In God We Trust"
"Proud To Be An American"
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What is a popular game for American children in school?
Pheasant, Pheasant, Quail
What's The Time, Mr. Wolf?
Duck, Duck, Goose
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Who was America's first confirmed billionaire?
Steve Jobs
Jimi Hendrix
John D. Rockefeller
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Flappers are associated with which decade?
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Which famous musician entered the United States Army in 1958?
Frank Sinatra
Elvis Presley
Ray Charles
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"God bless America, land that I love, stand beside her, and guide her..."
"...through the fight with a kite flown above."
"...past the dawn with the sun shining on."
"...through the night with the light from above."
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What chant was made popular at the 1936 Olympic's long jump?
"We jump far! We jump far! We jump far!"
"U. S. YAY! U. S. YAY! U. S. YAY!"
"U.S.A.! U.S.A! U.S.A!"
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