Quiz: How Well Do You Know Riverdale Season 2?

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Are you the Serpent Queen?

Only someone who is obsessed with Riverdale will remember everything that happens in Season 2! How much can you recall?

 Mar 25, 2019

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Riverdale High performs which musical?

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What is the name of Betty Coopers's alleged brother?

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Betty's real brother's name is actually...

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What is the name of Moose's girlfriend?

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Cheryl is revealed to be a master at ___.

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Who gets strangled with their own instrument?
Valerie Brown
Josie McCoy
Ms. Grundy

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Archie arms himself with a ___ to guard his house from the Black Hood.
Baseball bat

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___ tries to date rape Cheryl.
Nick St. Clair
Reggie Mantle
Chuck Clayton

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Which of the following is one of the Serpent Laws?
No man is an island.
Every man for himself.
In unity there is strength.

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The Black Hood's eyes are notably the color...

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Who does the Black Hood repeatedly call on the phone?

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Where does Polly have her babies?
The Sisters of Quiet Mercy
The Farm
The Cooper house

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Betty's favorite book when she was little was...
Cat in the Hat
Nancy Drew
Charlotte’s Web

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Who officially joins the Southside Serpents?

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Cheryl's Southside Serpent jacket is special because it's...
Pink silk
Green suede
Red leather

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Which character gets arrested?

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How many Black Hoods were there?

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Who was the first Black Hood?
The Principal
The Janitor
The Mayor

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It was revealed that there was a second Black Hood. Who was it?
Fred Andrews
FP Jones
Hal Cooper
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Just how well do you remember all of the characters and story arcs that occur in the second season of Riverdale? Have you watched enough episodes of Riverdale to be able to recall even the most minor of characters and plot lines from Season 2? Do you know everyone from the Pussycats to Poppa Poutine? Only a diehard Riverdale fan will be able to answer all of these trivia questions correctly and be crowned the #1 Riverdale fan! Do you remember what musical Riverdale High performs? Do you know why Chic pretended to be Charles? Can you recall who Moose's girlfriend was? These questions and more are just a few of the trivia challenges you will face during this test. If the answers to any of these questions are coming to you, then we know you're probably a huge Riverdale fan who would totally ace this trivia test. It's time to prove you're obsessed with this hit television show. Let's see if you really have what it takes to become a Southside Serpent just like Cheryl. Good luck!

Wondering how well you can do on this Riverdale quiz? Riverdale is hit CW show based on characters from the Archie comics, including Archie Andrews (K.J. Apa), Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhard), Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes), and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse). Riverdale swept the nation with its mysterious storylines and beautiful cinematography. And if you're as obsessed as we are, you're probably trying to figure out how well you remember Riverdale season 2 with our Riverdale quiz! Well, don't fret! We've got you covered. Take this fun Riverdale quiz to find out if you remember Riverdale season 2, really! And trust us, this Riverdale trivia quiz is definitely a challenge!

Want to know more about Riverdale? Well, did you know that Riverdale almost wasn't your favorite television show? Yes! According to the Collider Riverdale was originally pitched as a film rather than a TV show.

Also, Cole Sprouse was almost not the beloved Jughead Jones. In fact, he originally auditioned for Archie Andrews, a role that rould eventually go to KJ Apa. He only read for Jughead because he realized that he would also be the narrator and thus could not be killed off.

Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom, was also originally brought in to play Betty Cooper. However, casting directors loved her as Cheryl too much.

Camila Mendes' Veronica Lodge is also her first acting job after graduating college. Mendes also says that she uses Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf as an inspiration for Veronica.

KJ Apa also isn't really the ginger we all thought he was. KJ is naturally brunette and he gets his hair bleached and then dyed every two weeks. He says that he gets nasty burns when they try to bleach his eyebrows as well.

Now, if you want more Riverdale quizzes, you can take them here! Until then, take this Riverdale season 2 quiz!