Quiz: How Well Do You Know Mizzou Slang?

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Can you talk like a Tiger?

How well do you know the lingo of the University of Missouri - Columbia including Big 12, Kissing the 50, Speakers Circle, and more?

 Sep 16, 2016
1 of 12Pick the correct answer!
If you're meeting your friends at "Big 12," you're going to __________.
The Student Center
A campus bar
The Library
2 of 12Pick the correct answer!
If you ask the waitress for some "t-ravs," what are you eating?
Toasted ravioli
Tasty ravioli
Turkey ravioli
3 of 12Pick the correct answer!
If you're having a late night at "Club Ellis," you're at the __________.
Student Center
4 of 12Pick the correct answer!
"Kissing the 50" refers to __________.
Kissing a 50 dollar bill for good luck
Kissing 50 incoming freshmen
Kissing the 50 yard line on Faurot Field
5 of 12Pick the correct answer!
The Missouri Tigers' mascot is named __________.
6 of 12Pick the correct answer!
If you order some "Tiger Stripe," what are you eating?
Ice cream
A sandwich
A cake
7 of 12Pick the correct answer!
What is "Tap Day?"
A dance-a-thon
A national holiday
A ceremony for students and staff
8 of 12Pick the correct answer!
If you step over the "stone shamrock" you're walking by __________.
Stephens College
the Engineering school
Greek town
9 of 12Pick the correct answer!
If you're taking a nap on the "Columns," where are you relaxing?
Tiger Grotto
Tiger Plaza
Francis Quadrangle
10 of 12Pick the correct answer!
Only at Mizzou does "Gold Rush" refer to __________.
the historical discovery of gold
fans wearing gold to sporting events
student loan debt
11 of 12Pick the correct answer!
If you see "Brother Jed" speaking on campus, you're probably walking by __________.
The Rec Center
Faurot Field
Speakers Circle
12 of 12Pick the correct answer!
What is the "Tiger Walk?"
walking tigers on a leash
a freshmen tradition on the Quad
a Mizzou fight song
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