Quiz: How Many Of These 90s Female Icons Can You Name?

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Are you a true 90s baby?

Only someone who grew up in the 90s will be able to pass this ultimate female 90s challenge. How many stars can you name?

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Welcome to the 90s! Do you have what it takes to pass this ultimate 90s quiz! If you're not obsesses with the 90s, you're seriously missing out on some of the best acting and singing of all time. The 90s was a magical time when Beyonce wasn't yet a household name and Christina Aguilera was consistently at the top of the charts. We still long for the days when Jennifer Aniston ruled the small screen on Friends, every single rom-com starred Julia Roberts, and the radio constantly played Britney Spears. Do you? If you'd travel back to the 90s in a heartbeat, then this is the perfect quiz for you! We're going to test your memory of the biggest women who ruled the 90s on the silver screen, the small screen, and the airwaves. How many of these leading ladies of this totally awesome decade will you be able to recall? First we're going to show you a series of images of famous 90s icons. Then you'll have to match up the famous faces to their correct corresponding names to pass. Sound easy enough? We promise to throw in a few curveballs here and there. We're not just going to ask you about the most well known celebrities of the decade like Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz. We're also going to quiz you on Liz Phair, Sheryl Crow, Toni Braxton, Shania Twain, Lauryn Hill, Sarah McLachlan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alyssa Milano, Sharon Stone, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and more. Have fun, and good luck!

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