Quiz: Can You Get 10/15 On The Test Most Historians Fail?

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How well do you ACTUALLY know history?

People have been documenting history for thousands of years, from ancient Egypt to the Renaissance how well do you know the history of the world?

 Dec 23, 2017
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At the end of which war did the United States declare independence from Britain?
The Revolutionary War
World War I
The Civil War
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Known for his short stature, who was the prominent military leader during the French Revolution?
Napoleon Bonaparte
Donald Trump
Abraham Lincoln
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What was the title given to monarchs in ancient Egypt?
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Which of the following is the name of a former Chinese dynasty?
Ming Dynasty
Matcha Dynasty
Tofu Dynasty
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What year did the stock market crash leading to the Great Depression?
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The Declaration of Independence was signed during which war?
The Civil War
The Cold War
The American Revolution
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Who were the first people to fly an airplane?
the Orville Brothers
the Wright Brothers
the Earhart Brothers
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Which of the following is one of Leonardo da Vinci's paintings?
Starry Night
The Scream
Mona Lisa
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Who was the last monarch of France before the Revolution who said "Let them eat cake"?
Marie Antoinette
Elizabeth I
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How many wives did King Henry VII of England have?
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What was the executive order made by Lincoln that freed 3 million slaves?
Declaration of Independence
Proclamation of Neutrality
Emancipation Proclamation
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What was the name of the country that is now modern day Russia?
The Soviet Union
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What event is said to have started WWII?
Nazi Germany's invasion of Poland
The French Coup of King Louis XIV
The United States Recession
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The military nobility of medieval Japan were known as _____.
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In 1941, Japan bombed the Hawaiian naval base known as _____.
Gold Harbor
Pearl Harbor
Emerald Harbor
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