Quiz: Can You Answer 13 Questions Every Minnesotan Should Be Able To Get?

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Can 'yous guys' ace this quiz?

How well do you really know the state of Minnesota? Are you a local or native of Minnesota? Do you know the state's slang, lingo, and trivia?

 Sep 23, 2016
1 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Minnesota's Major League Baseball team is called the __________.
2 of 13Pick the correct answer!
How do the locals pronounce “bag” in Minnesota?
3 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Skol (skohl) means __________.
cheers or good health
go away
get out of here
4 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Which of the following can you NOT do at the Minnesota state fair?
Go cow tipping
Eat over 20 different kinds of food on a stick
See a statue of a girl carved out of butter
5 of 13Pick the correct answer!
If someone exclaims, "Holy buckets!” what do they mean?
For crying out loud!
Go away!
6 of 13Pick the correct answer!
The famous garden with this spoon in Minnesota is called __________.
Gopher Garden
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
Utensil Garden
7 of 13Pick the correct answer!
"Uff da" is used as __________.
a noun
an exclamation
a verb
8 of 13Pick the correct answer!
What is the state capital of Minnesota?
St. Paul
9 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Which popular attraction is located in Bloomington?
the State Capital building
The Vikings staduim
The Mall of America
10 of 13Pick the correct answer!
__________ was a famous singer from Minnesota.
Johnny Cash
11 of 13Pick the correct answer!
What age can you legally gamble in Minnesota?
12 of 13Pick the correct answer!
The "Twin Cities" refer to __________.
Brooklyn Park and Bloomington
Rochester City and Duluth
Minneapolis and St. Paul
13 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Which of the following is not a city in Minnesota?
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