Quiz: Can You Answer 13 Questions Every Midwesterner Should Know?

Are you really from the Midwest? Prove it!

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 Jan 05, 2017
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Question: 1/13Pick the correct answer!

If kids are playing, "Duck Duck Gray Duck," what are they really playing?
Hide and Seek
Duck Duck Goose

Question: 2/13Pick the correct answer!

If someone asks you where the "bubbler" is, what are they looking for?
A pool
A drinking fountain
A cooler

Question: 3/13Pick the correct answer!

If someone exclaims, "Tough tomatoes!" they are saying, __________.
"I'm hungry"
"Tough luck"
"Unripened tomatoes"

Question: 4/13Pick the correct answer!

If you go to the party and get "schnookered," you are __________.

Question: 5/13Pick the correct answer!

If someone exclaims, "That makes as much sense as government cheese," they mean __________.
they don't like the government
something is a terrible idea
they don't feel like eating cheese

Question: 6/13Pick the correct answer!

If you ask the waitress for a "hot dish," you are ordering __________.
miso soup
oatmeal with extra brown sugar

Question: 7/13Pick the correct answer!

If you hear someone exclaim, "Uff da!" they might be __________.
drinking water

Question: 8/13Pick the correct answer!

If you go to a picnic where people are playing "corn hole," what are they doing?
Searching for rabbit holes
Playing a lawn game
Eating a corn dish

Question: 9/13Pick the correct answer!

If you buy some "sneakers," what did you get?
running shoes
jean shorts
Snickers candy bars

Question: 10/13Pick the correct answer!

A common nickname for the Midwest (that many Midwesterners dislike) is __________.
flyover country
coastal country
mosquito country

Question: 11/13Pick the correct answer!

If you ask the waitress for some "pasties," you are ordering __________.
meat pie

Question: 12/13Pick the correct answer!

If you're stuck in the car at the "Stop and Go," where are you located?
A park
A traffic light
A parade

Question: 13/13Pick the correct answer!

If someone exclaims, "Oh, for cute!" they really mean __________.
"Oh, go away"
"Oh, for goodness sake, how cute"
"Oh, don't be so picky"
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