Quiz: Only A True Kentuckian Can Get 13/15 On This Southern Test. Can You?

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Are you a true Kentucky local?

Let's see how well you know about the state of the Kentucky! Up for a challenge, you Derby Master!? Check this quiz out!

 Aug 16, 2017
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The KY Derby is one of the most popular events. Where is it held?
Churchill Downs
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Before KY was its own state, what was it a part of?
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Hot Browns are a type of:
Hot dog
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What is Kentucky's state capital?
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Did KFC *actually* start in Kentucky?
Of course!
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The Bluegrass region of Kentucky is:
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What is Kentucky's most popular alcohol?
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Kentucky is known for its famous baseball bats called:
Louisville Sluggers
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What flavor is a traditional "Derby Pie"?
Pumpkin and spice
Chocolate and walnut
Strawberries and cream
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Kentucky is one of only four states in the U.S. that is a _________.
Derby Donor
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The University of Kentucky is located in which city?
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Kentucky Chili features the addition of:
Macaroni noodles
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What is the firework show called during Derby Week?
Thunder over Louisville
Krushing Kentucky
The Ultimate Firework Show
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What famous song originated in Kentucky?
This Little Light of Mine
Happy Birthday To You
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What is Burgoo?
rice and beans
a spicy stew
type of ice cream
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