Quiz: 96% Of People Can't Ace This General Knowledge Test. Can You?

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We bet you can't ace this quiz . . .

How well do you know general knowledge, trivia, and scholastic information? Are you actually an intelligent person?

 Mar 13, 2019

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Stockholm is the capitol of what country?
South Africa

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What is the biggest planet in our solar system?

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The tuba is a member of the ____ instrument family.

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What is a group of fish called?
A school
A gaggle
A herd

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A triangle with none of its sides of equal length is called __________.

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What is the world's smallest ocean?
Pacific Ocean
Arctic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean

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Who wrote The Great Gatsby?
Ernest Hemmingway
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Jane Austen

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Where can you find the Stonehenge?

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Diamonds are made of highly organized _______.

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The feuding families in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" are the ______.
Capulets and Montagues
Hatfields and McCoys
Smiths and Johnsons
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