Quiz: 13 Trivia Questions Only Moms Can Answer

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What's that mysterious stain on your shirt?

Are you a stay-at-home mom or a new mother? Take this trivia challenge and prove that you are super mom!

 Nov 18, 2016
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Where's the lost stuffed animal this time?
Behind the couch collecting dust
In the trash . . . Poor, Fluffy!
Ugh, we left it at Grandma's house
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Mom, what's for dinner tonight?
Chicken nuggets . . . again
Leftover burnt casserole
I don't care as long as I can have a glass of wine later
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Why is your child crying at the store?
I don't have quarters for the gum ball machine
I won't buy my child a new toy
My child got lost for the third time this week
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Why is your back so sore today?
I scrubbed the floor - remind me never to cook spaghetti sauce again
Pretty sure I carried my baby for 24 hours straight yesterday
I'm too tired to remember, honestly
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Why are you washing your child's blankie for the fourth time this week?
Spit up . . . spit up everywhere
I repeat - remind me never to cook spaghetti sauce again
All my kids are sick and I've become a germophobe
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What's that mysterious stain on your shirt?
Curse that darn spaghetti sauce . . .
Spit up, obviously
I don't even want to know at this point
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What did your child swallow this time?
Only time (and a #2) will tell . . .
The spare change in my purse
Way too many gummy vitamins to count
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When is your child's bedtime?
8:30 on the dot
Whenever I finish telling 37 new bedtime stories
It feels like my kid never sleeps
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Your child's ball is stuck in the tree. What do you do?
Nothing - the wind will blow it down eventually
Try to knock it down with a different ball or a rake
Just buy a new ball
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What punishment do you use to ground your child?
No dessert for a week
My child never misbehaves
No TV for a week
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How much screen time is your child allowed to have?
3 hours a day, for my own sanity
Unlimited - hey, it means I can watch as much as I want too!
30 minutes a day
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Your child wants to get a pet. What is your response?
You tell them they can get a pet when they can take care of it
You get them a puppy for Christmas
You get them a new stuffed animal instead
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What task have you been putting off for way too long?
Five hampers full of dirty laundry
Writing thank you notes from four holidays ago
Showering - remind me what personal hygiene is again?
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