Pixar Quiz: Which Sidekick Said It?

via Walt Disney Studios/Pixar

"Just keep swimming."

Think you have what it takes to identify which Pixar sidekick character said all of these memorable movie quotes?

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Some of the most quotable characters have originated from Disney Pixar films. Just about everyone has heard Dory's famous line, "Just keep swimming," in finding Nemo or Slinky's catchphrase "Golly bob howdy!" in Toy Story. But can you remember some of the lesser known quotes and catchphrases from Pixar sidekicks and other minor characters? Do you remember who said, "I am a cute little bumblebee!" or "Dad gum!"? What about, "Gimme some fin, noggin, dude!" or "Simple, elegant, yet bold. You will die."? If you think you can identify which characters said these lines, then this is the quiz for you! The beloved Pixar studio has produced some of the most beloved animated films of all time along with some of the funniest, wittiest, and most heartfelt quotes ever spoken in animated film. But only a true Pixar expert could remember ALL of these major and minor characters' biggest lines without cheating. Do you think you're a Pixar expert and a total Pixar film buff? Do you love everything Disney animation? Prove it! Take this challenging trivia quiz to test your ultimate Pixar knowledge and see if you can name these sidekicks and minor characters by just a single quote. We're about to put your Pixar knowledge to the ultimate test! Is your Pixar IQ high enough to pass this quiz with flying colors? We bet we can trick you on at least a few of these quotes! Want to prove us wrong? Hit the play button now, and prove you're a true Pixar lover through and through. We know you can do it! Remember to just keep swimming!

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