Quiz: Can You Name (Almost) Every Single Pixar Character?

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Disney Pixar

Are you proficient in Pixar?

Pixar characters are pretty lovable, but just how many are you able to spot by one image? Prove you love Pixar films now!

 Jan 01, 2019
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It's time to put your Pixar movie memory to the ultimate test! If you're a true lover of these animated films, your Pixar IQ should be pretty high by now. Everyone knows Pixar films have some pretty heartwarming plot lines, colorful characters, and bold catchy songs. But just how many Pixar films have you actually seen? Do you think you could recognize the following characters by one still from the film: Sally Carrera, Jangles, Bing Bong, Dug, Andy's Mom, Henry J. Waternoose III, Sergeant, Joy, Fungus, Lord MacGuffin, Celia, Lord Macintosh, Captain B. McCrea, BURN-E, Princess Atta, Jack-Jack Parr, Dash Parr, Jacques, Nigel, Auguste Gusteau, Alfredo Linguini, Remy, Hopper, Ken, Bailey, Hank, Al the Toy Collector, Chick Hicks, Wheezy, and Lotso? If any of them sound familiar to you, then you should have no problem passing this quiz with flying colors! Whether you're an animation geek or just a lover of kids movies in general, this quiz will test your mastery of some of the big screen's best Pixar films of all time. See just how much you're able to remember and recall when it comes to these animated movie trivia questions! How many will you get correct? Can you earn a perfect score, or will you struggle and fail like most people who take this ultimate movie quiz? So what are you waiting for, hit the play button now and test your Pixar movie memory! We know you have it in you to get the top score if you try hard enough!