Quiz: Do You Know Which Of These Pixar Movies Were Released First?

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The 1st Pixar movie ever was _____.

Just how well do you really know Pixar Animation films? Think you can sort all of these movies in order and determine which one came first?

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Pixar lovers around the world, have we got a surprise for you! Whether you're just a bit of a Pixar nerd of a full-out Pixar obsessed scholar, this quiz will test your knowledge of every single Pixar animated film and its release date. Think you can put every film in chronological order? If you think you know Pixar movie dates well enough to recall when all of them were released, we know you'll enjoy this tricky and challenging quiz! But beware, you might need a photographic memory or the help of someone as strong as The Incredibles to get through to the end of this quiz without flunking or giving up. Do you know if A Bug's Life was released before Toy Story 2? Do you know if Finding Dory was released before Cars 3? Do you know if Monsters, Inc. was released before Finding Nemo? Do you know if Coco was released before Incredibles 2? If you've ever seen a Pixar movie in your life before, you're seriously missing out! Pixar films are pretty amazing. If your knowledge is up to date, then we challenge you to start this quiz and get to the end without making one single error. We know you have it in you to get a perfect score if you just try hard, concentrate, and believe in yourself. Just like Dory would tell you, "just keep swimming" and don't stop until you see you've earned that coveted 100% at the end. We believe in you! Good luck!

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