Quiz: Can You Name All Of These Pixar Characters By 3 Clues?

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Disney Pixar

Can you tell Marlin, Merida, Mater, and Mike Wazowski apart?

Do you think you know even the most minor of Pixar characters? How many sidekicks, animals, and other minor people can you name?

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Pixar movies are pretty much guaranteed timeless classics. The beloved Pixar studio has produced some of the most beloved animated films of all time, from Finding Nemo and Up to Toy Story and A Bug's Life. With so many Pixar movies from the past several years, it's hard to remember every single sidekick, animal, and lesser known people featured in every singly Pixar film. Only a true Pixar expert could remember ALL of these major and minor characters without cheating. Are you an expert when it comes to Pixar films? How many Pixar characters do you actually remember - there are more than you might think! Can you remember every single Pixar character, from the well known Nemo and Merida to the lesser known Princess Atta and Heimlich? Do you think you're a Pixar expert and a total Pixar film buff? Do you love everything Disney animation? Prove it! Take this challenging trivia quiz to test your ultimate Pixar knowledge and see if you can name these major and minor characters by just three clues! We're about to put your Pixar knowledge to the ultimate test! Is your Pixar IQ high enough to identify every single one of these characters without an image to help? We bet we can trick you on at least a few of them! Want to prove us wrong? Hit the play button now, and prove you're a true Pixar lover through and through. So what are you waiting for? We know you can do it! Remember, no cheating! You'll have to rewatch all these films if you want to get a perfect score!

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