Quiz: Are You Intuitive Enough To Pass This Test? 86% Of People Fail.

How intuitive are you?

 Jun 03, 2018
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Question: 1/20Pick your answer!

In challenging situations, I am highly motivated and deeply committed...
most of the time.

Question: 2/20Pick your answer!

When working on a difficult problem, I tend to...
concentrate on finding the solution.
play around with possibilities.

Question: 3/20Pick your answer!

When I disagree with others, I tend to...
keep the disagreement to myself.
let them know about it.

Question: 4/20Pick your answer!

When working on a problem, I change strategies...

Question: 5/20Pick your answer!

I prefer to be told...
only what needs to be done.
exactly how to do things.

Question: 6/20Pick your answer!

When things get very complicated, I...
become exhilarated.
become insecure.

Question: 7/20Pick your answer!

In most cases...
I welcome unexpected changes.
change makes me nervous.

Question: 8/20Pick your answer!

When my opinion differs from the experts, I usually...
defer to authority.
stick to my beliefs.

Question: 9/20Pick your answer!

When faced with a number of tasks, I...
finish one before going on to another.
tackle them simultaneously.

Question: 10/20Pick your answer!

When learning something new, I...
get started and learn the rules as I go along.
master the rules and procedures first.

Question: 11/20Pick your answer!

Unpredictable people are...

Question: 12/20Pick your answer!

When I make a mistake, I tend to...
forget it and go on.
second-guess myself.

Question: 13/20Pick your answer!

When offering a description or explanation, I am more likely to rely on...
analogy and anecdote.
facts and figures.

Question: 14/20Pick your answer!

I can usually be convinced by...
an appeal to my emotions.
an appeal to reason.

Question: 15/20Pick your answer!

When I am wrong, I...
defend myself.
readily admit it.

Question: 16/20Pick your answer!

When faced with a difficult problem, I am likely to...
ask for advice.
tackle it myself.

Question: 17/20Pick your answer!

At work I prefer to...
make my own schedule.
follow a prearranged schedule.

Question: 18/20Pick your answer!

When setting an appointment for the following week, I am likely to say...
"Call me the day before."
"Let's set an exact time now."

Question: 19/20Pick your answer!

I am best known as...
an idea person.
a detail person.

Question: 20/20Pick your answer!

When I don't have a ready answer, I tend to be...
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