Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Philadelphia"?

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Were you watching closely?

How well do you remember the dramatic and groundbreaking film Philadelphia starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington?

 Sep 21, 2020

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Andrew Beckett works as a senior associate at a _____ in Philadelphia.
community college
corporate law firm
Wall Street bank

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The name of the firm Beckett works for is called _____.
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom
Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer and Feld
Wyatt, Wheeler, Hellerman, Tetlow and Brown

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Beckett attempts to hide his _____ from his coworkers.

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Beckett's health begins to decline after being infected with _____.

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Beckett tells his coworker his forehead lesion from AIDS is due to a _____.
racquetball injury
bar fight
car accident

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Why is Beckett told he is being dismissed by the firm's partners?
He perjured himself in court
Paperwork of his went missing
He missed an important trial

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Why does Andres suspect he is actually being fired?
They found out he has AIDS
They don’t like his work ethic
They can’t afford his salary

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How many lawyers does Beckett go to before he turns to Miller?

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Why does Miller end up taking Beckett's AIDS discrimination case?
He has faced racial discrimination
He was never homophobic to begin with
He gets offered a lot of money

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In court, the partners claim Beckett was incompetent and that he _____.
deliberately tried to hide his condition
deliberately made mistakes on the job
deliberately endangered his coworkers’ health

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To prove that Beckett's lesions would have been visible to his partners, Miller asks Beckett to _____.
unbutton his shirt
raise his arms
remove his makeup

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Why is Beckett hospitalized?
He gets attacked in the court room
He collapses during the trial
He gets hit by a car

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What is the outcome of the trial?
Beckett wins
Beckett loses
There is a mistrial

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Miller overcomes his fear enough to _____.
hold Beckett’s hand
kiss Beckett on the lips
touch Beckett’s face

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After Beckett passes away, Miller and fellow mourners _____.
go for a walk in the park
hold a wake at the local bar
watch home movies of Beckett as a child

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philadelphia, tom hanks, movies
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Joe Miller
Miguel Alvarez
Andrew Beckett

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philadelphia, tom hanks, movies
TriStar Pictures
Miguel Alvarez
Andrew Beckett
Joe Miller

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philadelphia, tom hanks, movies
TriStar Pictures
Andrew Beckett
Miguel Alvarez
Joe Miller
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