Philadelphia Slang - It's A Thing. How Much Do You Know?

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"In West Philadelphia, born and raised..."

Only a true Philly local will be able to pass this ultimate Philadelphia trivia challenge on the first try without cheating!

 Mar 06, 2019
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If you love your home state just as much as you love Philly cheesesteaks, then you need to take this ultimate Philadelphia quiz right now! We're going to test you in your knowledge of the city's culture, food, slang, people, buildings, history, geography, and more! Do you always cheer for the Eagles? Do you hate the Dallas Cowboys with a passion? Have you ever taken a vacation to Wildwood? Have you ever gone shopping at the King of Prussia Mall? Do you pronounce water like wooder? Do pretty much all of your friends attend either Temple University or Penn State? Do you love to shop for hoagies, coffee, and other groceries at the local Wawa? Have you ever run up the Art Museum steps pretending to be Rocky before? Can you recite all the words to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song? Do you know what the word jawn means and how to use it in a sentence? Do you know what the Mummers Parade is? Do you know who Phillie Phanatic is? Have you ever visited the LOVE sculpture, the giant close pin, the giant heart, or the Liberty Bell? If you're really from Philly, then you should have no problem doing just fine on this quiz the first time you attempt to take it. Want to show us what you've got? Hit the play button now and show off your Philly pride! We know you have it in you to get a perfect score if you just try hard enough!

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