Quiz: Only A Genius Can Ace This PhD Level General Knowledge Test. Can You?

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Is your IQ PhD-level worthy?

Are you educated and scholarly enough to pass this tricky general knowledge test on the first try? Most people aren't! Good luck!

 Oct 21, 2019
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General knowledge and the ability for someone to know all kinds of random facts related to literature, English, grammar, math, history, movies, music, books, science, health, medicine, biology, philosophy, and more is a great indicator of someone's true intelligence. The more know read and the more you absorb, the smarter you tend to get over time. But just how smart are you, exactly? When it comes to measuring someone's intelligence, IQ is usually the method used to do so. But IQ doesn't tell the whole story. Sometimes a person's general knowledge can also be very telling.

The true sign of a smart person is just someone who never wants to stop learning and always remains curious about the world around himself or herself! But just how smart are you? Is it as smart as you think you are? Do you have more general knowledge than most people do? Do you have a hunch that you are smarter than most people? Let's see how your intelligence matches up with the rest of the population with this tricky general knowledge test. All you have to do is look at a series of randomly selected general knowledge questions ranging from every topic under the sun. Answer them all correctly to get a perfect score, or answer most of them correctly to still walk away with a passing grade. Answer too many of them wrong, and we'll be forced to fail you and make you retake this test. Sound like something you're up for? Great! Hit the play button now to prove you're the smartest person in any room. Can you pass this brain game? We know you have what it takes to get a perfect score! Good luck, and have fun!