Only A True "Outlander" Fan Can Pass This 2 Truths & A Lie Character Quiz

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Think you're a certified Highlander?

Are you obsessed with the hit TV show Outlander on STARZ? If you think you know everything about Claire's two separate lives, step right up!

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If you haven't gotten hooked on Outlander yet, you're really missing out! You should give this show a closer watch — it's full of drama, plot twists, and intrigue. Outlander is a unique TV show on STARZ that follows a time traveling combat nurse Claire Randall who gets transported back in time to an entirely different world in the Scottish highlands where she encounters all kinds of clansmen and women. But how well do you actually remember every single one of these characters? Will you be able to recall all of the history, romance, and battles that occur on the show? This two truths and a lie test will determine just how big of a fan you truly are. Take this tv quiz and find out how well you know the characters of the hit STARZ series, "Outlander", including Jamie Fraser, Claire Fraser, Jonathan Randall, Lord John Grey, Geillis Duncan, Frank Randall, Dougal MacKenzie, Colum MacKenzie, Murtagh Fraser, Jenny Fraser Murray, Ned Gowan, Laoghaire MacKenzie, Master Raymond, Duke of Sandringham, Mary Hawkins, Brianna Randall Fraser, ,Taran MacQuarrie and Rupert MacKenzie! Whether they're in the Scottish Highlands or in the New World, these fascinating characters are worth the investment. Why don't you grab a bannock, pour yourself a glass of rennish, and binge watch a few more episodes before taking this test. Once you're prepared, hit the play button and get ready to put your Outlander knowledge to the ultimate test! We know you have it in you to get a perfect score! All you have to do is focus and channel your inner Claire... it's time to find out if you're a Sassenach or a true Highlander at heart!

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