Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Jewish People Can Get 13/13 On This Test. Can You?

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 Dec 25, 2017
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Question: 1/13Pick the correct answer!

What do you say to wish someone good luck?
“Mazel tov!”
“Oy Yay!”

Question: 2/13Pick the correct answer!

What do you call someone that does a lot of good deeds?
A shlep
A mensch
A bum bum

Question: 3/13Pick the correct answer!

What should a bagel have as a topping?
Cream cheese and lox
Butter and jam
Hummus and tomato

Question: 4/13Pick the correct answer!

Your mom was “verklempt” at your bat mitzvah, she was ______.
so happy, she had no words for her emotions

Question: 5/13Pick the correct answer!

You’ve got some “shmutz,” means what?
You are really smart
You have fruit
You have a dirt or stain

Question: 6/13Pick the correct answer!

On what Jewish holiday do you eat apples and honey?
Yom Kippur
Rosh HaShanah

Question: 7/13Pick the correct answer!

Your bubbe says you have a “shayna punim" meaning _______.
you have a sad attitude
you have a beautiful face
you have a round belly

Question: 8/13Pick the correct answer!

When your bubbe gives a long “spiel” that means she has what?
She has a nice hairdo
She has a huge gift for you
She has given a detailed story, speech, or plot

Question: 9/13Pick the correct answer!

What does "Yom Kippur" literally translate to?
"Day of God"
"Day of Festivals"
"Day of Atonement"

Question: 10/13Pick the correct answer!

What kind of Jewish bread is typically eaten on Shabbat?
Rye Bread

Question: 11/13Pick the correct answer!

What is a "Rabbi"?
A religious holiday involving fasting
A religious teacher authorized to make decisions on issues of Jewish law
A religious service lasting over 24 hours

Question: 12/13Pick the correct answer!

What is the special bread you eat during passover?

Question: 13/13Pick the correct answer!

When do you celebrate Hannukah?
December 6
The first full moon of December
25th day of Kislev
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