NYC Lingo — It's A Thing! Do You Know These 18 "Typical" NYC Things?

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Could you hack it in the Big Apple?

If you love everything about New York City, we challenge you to take our ultimate NYC trivia test. How street smart are you?

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Do you live in America's largest city, NYC? Do you know the difference between NYC and Upstate NY? Do you know the history of Ellis Island? Have you ever spent time in the theater district on Broadway? Do you know the names of all of the boroughs? Do you know when Avenue of the Americas is more commonly called? Do you know which borough is the only one that isn't an island? Do you know where in NYC you can see a Gutenberg Bible on display? Do you know the names of all the best museums in the city? Do you have strong opinions about the Yankees versus the Mets? Have you ever eaten at Tavern on the Green in Central Park? Have you been to the top go the Empire State Building before? Are you obsessed with Audrey Hepburn's NYC life Breakfast at Tiffany's? Do you know what it means if a cab as their light on? Do you know what brick means? Do you know what a bodega is? Do you know what NoHo and SoHo refer to? Have you ever tried a bagel topped with schmear? Do you know the difference between downtown and uptown? Do you consider yourself a New York City aficionado or are you just another one of the millions of tourists? Do you love eating dollar slices of pizza after a late night out? It takes a lot of grit to survive in NYC! If you think you have what it takes, then step right up and take this ultimate New York City trivia challenge. We know you can get the top score if you're a born and bred New Yorker through and through. Best of luck to you!

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