Can You Ace This Tricky 19 Question North Carolina Lingo Quiz? Bet Not!

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Are you NC enough to pass?

We challenge you to pass this ultimate North Carolina trivia challenge! Only a true local will be able to answer all these NC questions.

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There's just no state that compares to North Carolina if you ask us our honest opinion! If you agree, then you should take this fun state trivia test and prove you love NC more than the next person! Do you love drinking shakes at Cook Out? Do you think that Duke is puke, Wake is fake, and NC State is the one you hate? Have you ever driven down the Blue Ridge Parkway during the fall? Do you think Bojangles chicken and biscuits is life? What about Krispy Kreme donuts? Do you cheer for the Panthers every football season? Are you loyal to Pepsi over Coca-Cola? Do you know who Rameses is? Do you know why they call it the Tar Heel State or the Land of the Sky? Do you know what toppings come on an NC hot dog "all the way"? Do you know how you pronounce "Appalachian" correctly around here? D you know who the Blue Devils are? Have you ever seen Christmastown, USA? Are you obsessed with cheerwine? Are you a fan of Michael Jordan? Do you know why Asheville is so liberal? Do you love all the dogwood trees that bloom in the spring? Have you ever gone skiing at Beech? Do you bleed light blue, dark blue, or red? Just how much do you know about the Tar Heel state? Prove how much you know about North Carolina food, trivia and lingo by acing this quiz. We know you have it in you to get a perfect score. Good luck!

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