North Carolina Lingo... Yeah That's A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

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Think you know your state's Lingo?

The North Carolina pride is real! Do you know all about the locals’ favorite foods, sports teams, slang words, hangout spots, and more?

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Whether you're a native, a long time local, or a recent transplant of North Carolina, this quiz is for you! We've come up with a legitimate test that will allow you to prove just how much you know about North Carolina. This fun but tricky test is not going to be easy... you've officially been warned! North Carolina has a lot of elements to its culture that only locals could possibly know, from slang, to favorite restaurants, to sports teams, to nicknames, to history. Do you know how to order your hot dogs and burgers "all the way"? Are you obsessed with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Cheerwine? Do you enjoy eating at Bojangles or Cook Out after a long night? Do you have strong opinions about Eastern-Style BBQ versus Lexington-Style BBQ? Do you root the the Tar Heels or the Blue Devils? Have you ever vacationed at the Outer Banks before? If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you've got an incredible chance of bringing home the gold and earning yourself a coveted perfect score on this rigorous North Carolina challenge. So why don't you stop what you're doing, grab a number two pencil, and get ready to take the toughest North Carolina drill you've ever taken. Don't be intimidated... real locals need not worry! We promise this quiz will be all kinds of fun, and maybe it will even teach you a thing our two about yourself and your home of North Carolina. So are you ready to rock this exam and be crowned the number one North Carolina scholar? Great! Hit the play button now. Best of luck, and remember to enjoy yourself!

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