Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Never Been Kissed"?

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"I'm not Josie Grossy anymore!"

You'll only stand a chance of passing this Never Been Kissed trivia challenge if you've see this movie more times than you can count!

 Sep 15, 2020

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Josie works at a well-known newspaper in _____.
St. Louis

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What is Josie's position at the newspaper?
Advice columnist
Copy editor
Style editor

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In her free time, Josie enjoys crafting _____.
stuffed animals
cat paintings

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The idea for Josie to go undercover to high school comes from _____.
the sports editor
the editor-in-chief
Josie’s friend

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In high school, Rob's chance at a future in baseball is derailed by _____.
a broken elbow
drug usage
a bout of mono

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For her first day in high school, Josie dresses head to toe in what color?

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Josie get embarrassed when she is forced to wear what after she arrives late to class?
Clown nose

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An attraction forms between Josie and Sam Coulson, who teaches what class?

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Josie's first friend in high school is Aldys, who introduces her to the _____.

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What hip new term has the popular Guy Perkins coined?

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At Josie's original high school prom, she was assaulted with _____.

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At the fair, Josie and Sam _____.
ride the Ferris wheel together
paint each other’s faces
try to sink someone on the dunk tank

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Who does Josie dress up as for the Shakespeare-themed prom?

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As she dances with Guy, Aldys is nearly assaulted with _____.
dog food
pasta sauce

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Who is crowned prom queen?

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Billy Prince
Rob Geller
Guy Perkins

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Miss Haskell
Josie Geller

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20th Century Fox
Coach Romano
Sam Coulson
Coach Romano
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If you grew up in the 90s, then chances are you've watched "Never Been Kissed" dozens of times. Never Been Kissed is a 1999 romantic comedy film directed by Raja Gosnell, and starring Drew Barrymore, David Arquette, Michael Vartan, Leelee Sobieski, Jeremy Jordan, Molly Shannon, Garry Marshall, John C. Reilly and James Franco in his film debut. In the film, Drew Barrymore plays Josie Geller, a dowdy 25-year-old newspaper copy editor with dreams of investigative journalism. Her big break involves going undercover at a local high school to get the scoop on today's teens. But infiltrating the in crowd is no easy task for Josie, still as socially awkward and unpopular as she was during her own nightmarish time in high school. It turns out that the skills it takes to succeed as an adult have nothing to do with the skills it takes to succeed in high school. When Josie does find a place with "The Denominators," the school's brainy (nerdy) crowd, she's happy. But, pressed by her editor to fit in with the cool kids, she relives her old experiences of frustration and embarrassment. Quickly, she gets noticed by the most popular boy in school and is thrilled when he invites her to the prom. But she's also falling in love with her handsome English teacher. Overall, this upbeat romantic comedy is sure to please everyone who watches it. But just how much do you remember about the plot lines and characters featured in this classic 90s film? Let's see if you can ace this "Never Been Kissed" trivia test! Good luck!