Can You Name All These TV Shows By Just The Main Character's First Name?


Are you a certified couch potato?

If you love sitcoms, you will do well on this quiz! If you watch a lot of television, you'll ace this quiz!

 Aug 19, 2018

1 of 45Rachel

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

2 of 45Cory

boy meets world, movies/tv
Buena Vista Television
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The X-Files
Boy Meets World

3 of 45Kelly

Saved By The Bell, movies/tv
Beverly Hills, 90210
Saved by the Bell
Dawson's Creek

4 of 45Will

will smith, fresh prince, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
Twin Peaks
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

5 of 45Tony

The Sopranos, movies/tv
Boardwalk Empire
The Sopranos

6 of 45Al

married with children, 90s Tv shows, movies/tv
Married... With Children
Ren and Stimpy

7 of 45Steve

family matters, Steve Urkel, 90s Tv shows, movies/tv
Family Matters
Freaks and Geeks
Hey Arnold!

8 of 45Michelle

full house
Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Full House
Beavis and Butt-Head
All That

9 of 45Tim

home improvement, tool time
The Nanny
Home Improvement

10 of 45Homer
The Simpsons
Batman - The Animated Series

11 of 45Marcia

brady bunch
The Brady Bunch via ABC
That 70's Show
The Brady Brunch
Full House

12 of 45Lucy

movies/tv, I Love Lucy
I Love Lucy
Family Ties
The Golden Girls

13 of 45Jack

movies/tv, Will and Grace
Will & Grace

14 of 45Jackie

Mila Kunis-Madison-Wisconsin-Hero-042618, celebs
That 70s Show distributed by Carsey-Werner Distribution
Big Love
That 70s Show
The Partridge Family

15 of 45Rory

graduation, school
Pretty Little Liars
The Gilmore Girls
Sweet Valley High

16 of 45Richie

movies/tv, Happy Days
Paramount Pictures
The Facts of Life
Mork & Mindy
Happy Days

17 of 45Carrie

sex and the city, NYC, new york, carrie, carrie bradshaw
Sex and the City via HBO
Sex and the City
My Two Dads
Designing Women

18 of 45Jed
The Beverly Hillbillies

19 of 45Archie
Good Times
Family Ties
All in the Family

20 of 45Sam

cheers, 80s, movies/tv
CBS Paramount Television
The Jeffersons
Married with Children

21 of 45Jessica

murder she wrote, angela lansbury, 90s Tv shows, tv
How to Get Away with Murder
Murder, She Wrote
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

22 of 45Blanche

Rue McClanahan as Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux in The Golden Girls
The Golden Girls via NBC
Three's Company
The Golden Girls
Charlie's Angels

23 of 45Fox

x files, will and grace, xena, married with children, 90s,
Unsolved Mysteries
The X- Files

24 of 45George

george castanza, seinfeld
via NBC
Will & Grace
N.Y.P.D. Blue

25 of 45Meredith

movies/tv, entertainment, abc, grey's anatomy, wdc-rank
Grey's Anatomy on ABC
Grey's Anatomy

26 of 45Michael

Steve Carrell as Michael talking to Jan in the first episode of The Office
The Office via NBC
The Office

27 of 45Walter

Breaking Bad, movies/tv, pop culture
Sony Pictures Television
Malcom in the Middle
The Walking Dead
Breaking Bad

28 of 45Gabby

desperate housewives, movies/tv
Disney–ABC Domestic Television
Desperate Housewives
Dawson's Creek
Sex and the City

29 of 45Liz

tina fey, 30 rock, thumbs up, pennsylvania, hero, celebs, movies/tv
30 Rock via NBCUniversal Television Distribution
The Office
30 Rock

30 of 45Jack

70s, 70s tv, 70s shows, Three's Company, movies/tv
The Brady Bunch
Three's Company
All in the Family

31 of 45Arnold

movies/tv, Different Strokes
Sony Pictures
Three's Company
Sanford & Son
Different Strokes

32 of 45Gloria

modern family, Sofia Vergara, columbia, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture
20th Television
Desperate Housewives
Modern Family
The Sopranos

33 of 45Penny

the big bang theory, Penny, celebs, movies/tv
Warner Bros Television Distribution
The Big Bang Theory
Gilmore Girls
Gossip Girl

34 of 45Don

movies/tv, mad men
Mad Men
The Sopranos
Breaking Bad

35 of 45Leslie

Leslie Knope making a funny face in the first episode of Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation via NBC
Parks and Recreation
The Office
30 Rock

36 of 45Samantha

The Brady Bunch
Leave It to Beaver

37 of 45Alex

Family Ties, 80s, movies/tv
Paramount Television,
All in the Family
Malcom in the Middle
Family Ties

38 of 45Robert

movies/tv, everybody loves raymond
Everybody Loves Raymond
Parks and Recreation

39 of 45J.D.

scrubs, movies/tv
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Grey's Anatomy

40 of 45Olivia

law and order, police, olivia benson, laws
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit via NBC
Law and Order: SVU
Breaking Bad
N.Y.P.D. Blue

41 of 45Jack

keifer sutherland, 24, celebs, tv
The Rockford Files
The Office

42 of 45Ari

jeremy piven as ari gold, entourage, celebs, tv
Warner Bros.
Everybody Love Raymond
Parks and Recreation

43 of 45Louie

movies/tv, taxi
Different Strokes

44 of 45Gregory

doctor, house, med
Grey's Anatomy

45 of 45Ted

josh radnor as ted mosby, How I Met Your Mother, celebs, tv
How I Met Your Mother
Sex and the City
Modern Family
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