Only A Zoologist Can Name All Of These Types Of Birds. Can You?

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What's your avian IQ?

Just how well do you know the different species of birds that fly in the sky and live in your backyard?

 Feb 05, 2019
WOMEN.COM | Quiz Facts

From parrots to penguins, hawks to hummingbirds, are you an expert on feathered fliers? How much do you know about the feathered visitors to your backyard? Just like fish dominate the underwater domain, birds are the rulers of the skies. The same properties of physics that have set airplanes aloft have also propelled birds for millennia. But aside from feathers and flight, how much do you really know about these winged creatures? Only someone who was has a love for all things avian will be able to pass this ultimate bird challenge without cheating! You might think you know your birds, but we bet we'll be able to stump you on at least a few of these trivia questions. Think you're a bird lover? Prove it by naming all the familiar, cute, intimidating, rare, and obscure bird species in this quiz! All you have to do is look at photos of different kinds of bird species and match them up with their correct names to pass and verify that you're a real animal genius. Are you obsessed with bird watching? Do you dream of seeing these incredible creatures flying in the wild? Test your knowledge of the world’s coolest birds with our ultimate quiz. One of the most amazing things about living on this planet is the wide variety of creatures that we get to share our world with. Birds are beautiful and adorable, and many of them have completely recognizable features. But how well do you know them? What are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and show us what you've got! We know you have it in you to get a perfect score!