Are You Cultured Enough To Name All These Countries By One Signature Dish?

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No cookbooks allowed!

Test your knowledge of various traditional dishes and signature cuisine from around the world. How many of these foods do you know?

 Sep 14, 2018
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Are you an International foodie? Prove it! But beware: this quiz will definitely make you hungry! This quiz will test your knowledge of different food dishes that have originated from countries around the globe! Take a trip around the world in this study of global cuisine. There's no easier way to travel the world than through food. Grab a napkin and see how much you know about international tastes and treats. Take this test and check how much info you have about food and the countries we picked to cook dishes from! Can you name the country based on their unique and traditional food, dishes, and cuisines? One the great pleasures of travel is being able to sample the local cuisine. Take our quiz to find out how much you know about food from around the world and to decipher some of the deliciously unfamiliar names of dishes. There are few better ways to experience a culture than to taste its food. And nowadays, that has becoming increasingly easy. Thanks to big cities with diverse cultures and eager foodies, you can sample the cuisines of the world stateside, too. How well do you know the world’s food? If you've got an appetite for the challenge, just click the play button to get started. So what are you waiting for? Prove you're a true international foodie now by taking this ultimate global cuisine challenge! You might not pass it with flying colors, but we can guarantee you'll leave this quiz feeling hungry!