Only A Book Worm Can Name All These Classics By A Bad Synopsis. Can You?

"A girl kills a witch with her house..."

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 Sep 05, 2018
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Question: 1/25Name the book!

A girl shrinks and attends a tea party with a crazy person.
Something Blue
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
A Wrinkle in Time

Question: 2/25Name the book!

A white lawyer defends an innocent black man.
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Great Gatsby
Old Man and the Sea

Question: 3/25Name the book!

A man doesn't want to celebrate Christmas and gets haunted by ghosts.
Death of a Salesman
A Christmas Carol
The Scarlet Letter

Question: 4/25Name the book!

A little girl walks through a closet and discovers a new world.
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Danny, the Champion of the World

Question: 5/25Name the book!

A girl kills a witch with her house.
The Little Prince
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Question: 6/25Name the book!

A group of lost boys battle a pirate and never grow up.
Little House On The Prairie
The Tail Of Peter Break Rabbit
Peter Pan

Question: 7/25Name the book!

A doomed love affair happens.
Anna Karenina
The Hobbit
Breakfast at Tiffany's

Question: 8/25Name the book!

A sailor battles a whale.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Charlotte's Web

Question: 9/25Name the book!

Big Brother is always watching.
Great Expectations
The Great Gatsby

Question: 10/25Name the book!

A group of boys are marooned on a coral island.
Lord of the Flies
Charlotte's Web
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Question: 11/25Name the book!

George and Lennie have a plan to own an acre of land and a shack they can call their own.
Charlotte's Web
Of Mice and Men
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Question: 12/25Name the book!

A group of barnyard animals revolt against their vicious human master.
Animal Farm
Charlotte's Web
Gone with the Wind

Question: 13/25Name the book!

An old Cuban fisherman battles with a giant marlin.
Great Expectations
The Old Man and the Sea
The Great Gatsby

Question: 14/25Name the book!

A man wakes up changed into a monstrous vermin.
The Metamorphosis
The Scarlet Letter
Gone with the Wind

Question: 15/25Name the book!

A wealthy man falls in love with a beautiful married woman.
The Scarlet Letter
The Great Gatsby
Breakfast at Tiffany's

Question: 16/25Name the book!

A man must destroy printed books.
The Scarlet Letter
The Great Gatsby
Fahrenheit 451

Question: 17/25Name the book!

A spoiled girl falls in love on a plantation.
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Gone with the Wind
The Scarlet Letter

Question: 18/25Name the book!

A poor orphan is raised by a cruel sister.
The Scarlet Letter
The Great Gatsby
Great Expectations

Question: 19/25Name the book!

Four girls grow up during the Civil War.
Little Women
Animal Farm
The Scarlet Letter

Question: 20/25Name the book!

A girl writes letters to God over the years.
The Color Purple
The Scarlet Letter
Little Women

Question: 21/25Name the book!

A woman falls in love with an arrogant man.
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Pride and Prejudice
Charlotte's Web

Question: 22/25Name the book!

Two lovers kill themselves when they can't be together.
King Lear
Romeo and Juliet

Question: 23/25Name the book!

A woman is forced to wear a red "A" at all times.
Little Women
Pretty Little Liars
The Scarlet Letter

Question: 24/25Name the book!

A woman lives in New York City with her nameless cat.
Philadelphia Story
At the Waterfront
Breakfast at Tiffany's

Question: 25/25Name the book!

A spider is friends with a pig.
Chronicles of Narnia
Charlotte's Web | Quiz Facts

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