Test Your Memory With This Modern History Quiz. How High Can You Score?

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Have you been paying attention to world events?

How well do you know about​ past events and people? Take this fun and challenging quiz to test your history skills!

 Sep 08, 2018

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Which royal was killed in a car crash in Paris in 1997 while fleeing the paparazzi?
Princess Diana
Sarah Ferguson
Kate Middleton

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In 2012, President Barack Obama was re-elected after running against _____.
Mitt Romney.
Donald Trump
Ronald Reagan

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In 1994, famous athlete _____ fled police in his white ford bronco after his wife Nicole was found murdered.
OJ Simpson
Michael Jordan
LeBron James

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The Voting Rights Act, guaranteeing _____ the right to vote became law in 1965.
African Americans

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George W. Bush beat which Democratic hopeful in the 2004 presidential election?
Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders
John Kerry

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In 2001, the US invaded what country after the September 11th terrorist attacks?

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In 1998, US President Bill Clinton denied having "sexual relations" with which White House intern?
Olivia Pope
Selina Meyer
Monica Lewinsky

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Massive protests 1989 on either side of the _____ in Germany eventually lead to its being torn down.
Berlin Wall

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_____ was the first African American to be elected President of the United States in 2008.
Ray Charles
Nelson Mandela
Barack Obama

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Who became the new Soviet leader in 1985?
Boris Smirnov
Donald Trump
Mikhail Gorbachev

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What was the name of the 1973 Supreme Court case that declared abortion to be a constitutional right?
Roe v. Wade
Loving vs. Virginia
Moms v. America

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In 1972, White House operatives were arrested for burglarizing DNC offices during Nixon's presidency, which became known as _____.
The Seventies Scandal
The Snowden Scandal
The Watergate Scandal

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What woman was first elected Prime Minister in the United Kingdom in 1979?
Hillary Clinton
Nancy Pelosi
Margaret Thatcher

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The voting age in the US was lowered to _____ in 1971 when the 26th Amendment was added to the US Constitution.

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U.S. President _____ was assassinated in 1963.
Ronald Reagan
Gerald Ford
John F. Kennedy

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Civil Rights leader _____ was assassinated in 1968.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Rosa Parks
Malcom X

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The Supreme Court voted to allow _____ nationwide in 2015.
legal marijuana
same sex marriage
free healthcare

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In 2000, former first lady, _____, was first elected to the US Senate representing New York.
Hillary Clinton
Condoleezza Rice
Monica Lewinsky
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History is proof that we're not only still here, there more to come in an ever-evolving future. Generations upon generations of people have set the tone for the world we live in today. As they've come and gone, they've left their mark on history. They've won and lost battles, survived diseases and wars, and created art and inventions that have molded civilization. It wasn't always easy, but humanity has defied the odds and kept going countless times.

Are you a history buff? Do you love to study the strategies that led different factions into battle? Do you like to read about how countries came to be, who led them, and the obstacles people faced as the passed from age to age? Do you get into long conversations about how history continues to affect the world we live in for centuries to come? Do you know the great inventions and how they came to serve humankind? If you said "yes" to any of these questions, this is the quiz for you! To find out how much you know about history and the events and people who shaped it over the past several thousand years, we challenge you to take this fun and challenging quiz! So, sit back, relax and put on your thinking cap! Answer these 18 questions about a range of historical subjects from geography and pop culture to language and medicine throughout the ages. Not only will you have loads of fun, you'll probably learn something, too. Good luck with your fun and exciting journey into the world's past!