No, It’s Not Nonsense, It’s Mississippi Slang! How Much Do YOU Know?

Think you really know Mississippi Lingo?

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 Feb 18, 2019
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Question: 1/19Pick Your Answer!

_____ music was born in the Mississippi Delta, producing local stars like B.B. King.

Question: 2/19Pick Your Answer!

Amen! Mississippi has more what per capita than any other state in the country?

Question: 3/19Pick Your Answer!

What term originated in Mississippi when President Theodore Roosevelt refused to kill a trapped bear during a hunting trip?
Free Bear
Teddy Bear
Brave Bear

Question: 4/19Pick Your Answer!

Seriously, french fries just taste better when you dip them in ________, a Mississippi speciality!
Comeback Sauce
Go-Away Sauce
Underdog Sauce

Question: 5/19Pick Your Answer!

Only in Mississippi do “Braves” refer to _____.
army soldiers
baseball players
police officers

Question: 6/19Pick Your Answer!

Some Mississipians like to use ________ to flavor and dye their pickles. Don't knock it 'til you try it!
Diet Coke
Kool - Aid
Green Tea

Question: 7/19Pick Your Answer!

Pick the correct spelling of Mississippi’s quaint Gulf Coast city!

Question: 8/19Pick Your Answer!

Mississippi is located in a region of the U.S. called the what?
Bible Belt
Blizzard Belt
Boulder Belt

Question: 9/19Pick Your Answer!

Which city draws thousands of tourists each year to visit the birthplace of Elvis Presley?

Question: 10/19Pick Your Answer!

The name "Mississippi" is from an Indian word meaning what?
Snowy Hills
Tall Mountains
Father Of Waters

Question: 11/19Pick Your Answer!

Greenwood, Mississippi is called the _____ Capital of the World.

Question: 12/19Pick Your Answer!

The Mississippi River is the largest in the United States and is the nation's chief waterway. Its nickname is what?
Old Man River
Motown River
Missy River

Question: 13/19Pick Your Answer!

_____ are a staple of Mississippi delta cuisine, often served with gravy!

Question: 14/19Pick Your Answer!

No one seems to know the origin of using the word “Mississippi” to count _____.

Question: 15/19Pick Your Answer!

Like most Southerners, Mississippi locals eat the peanuts with what beverage?
Sweet Tea

Question: 16/19Pick Your Answer!

Sure, Mississippi summers are hot, but it's actually the _______ that makes it unbearable!

Question: 17/19Pick Your Answer!

How the heck do you pronounce “Picayune”?

Question: 18/19Pick Your Answer!

Everyone knows The University of Mississippi is really called by what name?
Ole Miss
Miss U

Question: 19/19Pick Your Answer!

Move somewhere else? Are you crazy? I'll always call the _______ State my home!
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Think you know everything there is to know about Mississippi? We bet you can’t get a perfect score on this ultimate Mississippi quiz if you weren’t actually born in Mississippi! If you’re really from Mississippi, you should have no problem acing this Mississippi challenge with flying colors! Do you know what genre of music was started in Mississippi? Do you know what the delicious “Comeback Sauce” is made with? Are you a huge fan of the Braves every baseball season? Have you ever eaten your body weight in slugburgers before? Do you know what Mississippi city Elvis Presley was born in? Do you know for whom the state of Mississippi was named? Do you know how to pronounce “Picayune”? Are you a diehard Ole Miss fan? These questions and more are included in this quiz. If you want to prove to us that you’re really from here, then you’re going to have to put on your thinking cap and really hit the books when you take this test. We think you’ll come out of this quiz much smarter and with a greater appreciation for your background and where you come from. We promise a fun and challenging trivia quiz with questions you’ve never seen before! Whatever your background or interests are, we’ve got the quiz for you at So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start this quiz to see how well you can do. If you don’t do well on this quiz, we have plenty of others that we bet you could totally ace! Best of luck!