Quiz: Midwest Cooking - It's A Thing. How Many Dishes Do You Know?

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Are you a true Midwestern foodie?

This quiz will test your knowledge of all things Midwestern food, from cheese curds and hot dishes to sloppy joes and puppy chow!

 Jul 18, 2018

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What is a thick stew of Belgian origin that many upper midwesterners enjoy?
Chicken Noodle

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What dish consists of two eggs, hashbrowns, and a hamburger patty covered with chili and topped with cheese?
Ju(i)cy Lucy
Hot dish

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What is the name of the hamburger with a core of molten cheese?
Ju(i)cy Lucy
Stuffed Joy
The All-In-One

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The ingredients of two-way Cincinnati chili are chili and _________.
raw onions

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A pierogi is a type of ________.

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The main ingredient in sauerkraut is ________.

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Chicago is famous for _________ pizza.
thin crust
deep dish

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Kielbasa is a type of __________.

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In a classic Indiana tenderloin sandwich, the meat is _________.

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The Midwestern loose meat sandwich is most similar to a ________.
chili dog
sloppy joe

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The main ingredients in a St. Paul sandwich are _________.
a hamburger patty and French fries
egg and bean sprouts
a hot dog and chili

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Which best describes the Midwestern dish Johnny Marzetti?
A pasta casserole
A breaded and deep-fried piece of pork
A sandwich of ground beef

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The main ingredients in Buckeye candy are chocolate and _________.
peanut butter

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Which famous Midwestern sandwich is open-faced with a burger patty, French fries, and cheese sauce?
Tenderloin sandwich
St. Louis sandwich
Horseshoe sandwich

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In Kansas City barbecue, burnt ends are made from _________.
chicken legs
beef brisket
pork ribs

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What delicious snack is made of peanut butter, chocolate, and sugar?
Puppy chow
Doggie bites
Chester Mix

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A "Chicago-Style" hot dog is NEVER covered in what ingredient?

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A delicious deep-fried cheese snack is known as what?
Cheesy casserole
Cheese curds
Fried queso

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What kind of "salad" is a fruit and marshmallow concoction?
Fruit syrup
Pineapple Cream Pie
Ambrosia or Watergate salad

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This "alcoholic" form of cheese dip is extremely popular in the Midwest.
Champagne cheese
Wine cheese
Beer cheese
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So you think you're a true Midwest foodie? Prove it by taking this ultimate Midwest cuisine quiz. If you think you're an avid chef or baker who knows how to cook every classic Midwest dish, you should have no problem completing this quiz with flying colors. But how well do you really know the land of cheese and puppy chow? With its fertile farmland, Great Lakes, and flavorful influence from generations of immigrants, it's no surprise that Midwest cuisine has a reputation for being seasonal, hearty, and comforting. From cheese curds and bratwursts to puppy chow and hot dishes, how many of these classic Midwest dishes do you know how to cook? Whether you were born in Midwest or transplanted there, take this test to see if you have earned the title True Midwester. It's time to take stock of the great region of Midwest and celebrate everything it gets right in life, like its food. So what are you waiting for? Prove you're a true Midwest foodie and a certified Midwest cook by taking this ultimate quiz on classic Midwest dishes. Our goal at women.com is to make people feel good about who they are - and take a relaxing break from the world outside to do something that they enjoy. So take a breath, stop whatever you're doing, and get ready to have a little fun. This three-minute escape is exactly what you need!