Quiz: Only Shazam Could Name All Of These Michael Jackson Songs, Can You?

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"Michael Jackson's Thriller" via Epic Records

Can you moon walk your way through this quiz?

Only a Michael Jackson superfan will be able to identify every single one of these MJ songs by just one line from the lyrics. Can you?

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Calling all smooth criminals! This is the ultimate MJ lyrics quiz: can you "Beat It"? Who doesn't love Michael Jackson's music? Michael Jackson was possibly the greatest artist of all time. His musical style is unique, intricate, and mysteriously upbeat. It's been several years since his passing, but his spirit will continue to ignite in his music and influences. Decades may past, but the King of Pop will live on forever. To this day his music has a timeless feel to it, and almost 40 years later, 'Thriller' still makes people everywhere want to get up and dance the iconic choreography! Only a Michael Jackson superfan can recall all of his lyrics without messing up! Are you a REAL Michael Jackson fan? Only those who are obsessed with Michael Jackson will be able to pass this quiz! This quiz tests your knowledge of lyrics to Michael Jackson songs to see if you can get a perfect score. Can you moonwalk your way through this quiz, spouting off lyrics to everything from "Billie Jean" to "Black or White"? If these songs defined your childhood and still bring a little smile to your face every time you hear them, then you should have no problems passing this tricky Michael Jackson music challenge. If you think you know every lyric of every Michael Jackson song, then step right up to the mic and get ready to belt your heart out. We're about to put your love for The Man in the Mirror to the ultimate test. Are you ready for it?

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