You Want To Finish WHERE? How To Tell A Guy Where To Do His Business.

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It's all about the sauce.

Spit or swallow? Inside or outside? Breasts or face? These are the age-old questions every woman must face when she starts doing the dirty with men.

When it comes to sex, everyone has different preferences, desires, and kinks. Different strokes for different folks, right?

So what happens when your man wants to finish somewhere you'd rather keep, ahem, dry?

You're going to have to set some rules. All healthy sexual relationships have laid out some healthy boundaries. Whether you're in a committed relationship or having a casual hookup, consent is crucial when it comes to sex — especially how it finishes.

There are plenty of women out there who, simply put, love cum. They like it in them and on them, so their partners can spray away to their heart's content.

But it's important for men to understand that not everyone is a Samantha in the sack, so they shouldn't coerce a Charlotte into being one. If you're not down to swallow, get a "facial", or anything else your man wants to do, you don't have to.

All good sex — and by extension, all good relationships — comes with good communication from both sides. So, ladies, hear your man out on where he wants to cum and why it turns him on. And, guys, hear your girl out on why some of your sexual tastes might make her uncomfortable or turn her off.

At the end of the day, you and your honey will either compromise or realize you aren't so sexually compatible after all and go your separate ways.

Remember, there's plenty of fish in the sea — some just like getting splashed more than others.

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