Hope Hicks Could Hold The Key To The Trump-Russia Investigation

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Hope Hicks may be in hot water as the Trump-Russia investigation escalates. As one of the president's closest confidants behind closed doors at the White House, her loyalty is being put to the ultimate test.

Will she remain a secret-keeper for the Trump administration's potentially illegal election activity, or will she turn on Trump to keep herself out of prison?

Here's what we know about Hope Hicks so far...

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Who is Hope Hicks?

Hope Hicks has become somewhat of a household name after becoming one of President Donald Trump's most trusted confidants in his campaign. But what is Hope Hicks' role in the White House, exactly?

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What is Hope Hicks's job in the White House?

Hicks is the official White House communications director, as well as the assistant to Donald Trump. In other words, she has become his right-hand-woman in many regards. Want to know just how much Trump trusts Hicks? It turns out her salary is a huge indicator.

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How much does Hope Hicks make?

The 29-year-old makes an estimated $179,700 a year working as Trump's assistant and the White House communications director. This puts Hicks in the highest salary bracket of the president's staff, showing just how much the president trusts her.

His trust in her is currently being put to the test as Hicks in the midst of the Trump-Russia investigation.

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Why is Hope Hicks being interviewed to testify on Russia?

Hicks was interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller back in December and had to testify on Russia before the House Intelligence Committee early this year.

She is being questioned about her alleged promise to conceal evidence: emails that prove the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election.

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Will Hope Hicks lie for Donald Trump or turn on him?

While we have no word yet on Hicks' testimony, many are speculating that the loyal Trump staffer will be forced to come clean in order to strike a potential plea deal and stay out of prison.

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Could Hope Hicks go to prison if she lies for Trump?

If found guilty of covering up incriminating emails, Hicks could be convicted of obstructing justice and face prison time. If she lies to the FBI during the investigation and is caught, she could also be sent to prison.

Stay tuned for more updates on Hope Hicks' testimony as the Trump-Russian investigation continues to unfold.

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