PSA: Why I Never Fake It — And You Shouldn’t Either

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Get "O"-ver your insecurities and just be honest!

Whenever I stumble upon a story about a woman lamenting the fact that she fakes most (or all) of her orgasms, I seriously think about tracking her down so I can give her an intervention.

Sadly but unsurprisingly, a recent study shows that 80 percent of women fake orgasms at least half of the time.

This is insanity, ladies!

Many women say they fake it to just get sex over with or because they feel awkward if they don't. Others blame men for not being attentive enough to know how to get them off. But women are equally to blame if they are not vocalizing what they need and are just going through the motions.

All faking it does it create a vicious cycle, and women who fake their orgasms are playing a huge role in sabotaging their own sex lives -- and indirectly sabotaging the sex lives of their fellow females as well.

Part of the reason women aren't climaxing is because they tacitly allow it. By giving each man they fake it with a false sense of what it actually takes to get a woman off, men will continue to be ignorant and complacent with each subsequent female partner they have. Women can complain about not orgasming during sex, but they have to shoulder some of the responsibility if they aren't speaking up and being truthful.

When it comes down to it, you deserve a real orgasm — not a fake one. Sex shouldn't always end when the guy has had his fun and you're left high and dry. If your partner needs some guidance or instruction, feel free to speak up by letting him know when he does do something that feels good.

Happy humping!

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