This Woman Exposed Lawmakers Who Took Oil & Gas Money — So They Cut Her Mic


Lissa Lucas is making headlines for her recent appearance at a West Virginia public hearing where she was silenced for simply naming politicians who took donations from oil and gas companies.

So why was she really silenced?

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What Lissa Lucas Said At The West Virginia Public Hearing For HB4268

Lucas was testifying against a proposed law sponsored by the fossil fuel industry called HB4268 that would let fossil fuel companies drill on the land of small land owners without their consent.

She pointed out that the politicians who want this bill received campaign donations from the very oil and gas companies that will profit from it being passed.

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Lissa Lucas Named Politicians Who Took Oil & Gas Money From Corporate Donors

Lucas began reading the names of individual lawmakers involved in the bill and how much money they received from oil and gas corporations.

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Lissa Lucas Had Her Mic Cut And Was Dragged Out For Calling Out Corrupt Lawmakers

Lucas was asked "that no personal comments be made," to which she replied that they were not personal comments, but rather relevant information about the bill at hand.

She continued to read names, and as a result, her mic was cut and she was physically removed from the room. The bill made it out of committee and is expected to pass in both the House and the Senate where it will be signed into law.

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The Lawmakers’ Reaction To Lissa Lucas’ Comments Reveal Their Hypocrisy And Corruption

It seems ironic that the politicians in the room took such offense to Lucas' statement of facts. Their embarrassment stems from the fact that they know they are corrupt and have accepted legalized bribes.

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In The Words Of Lissa Lucas:

"Allow me to point out that if Delegates genuinely think that my talking about who their campaign donors are — and how much they're receiving from corporate lobbyists/corporate PACs — is an ad hominem attack… then they should be refusing those donations."

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In The Words Of Lissa Lucas:

"Refuse any donation that, if someone mentions it, makes you feel personally attacked. Because that's not an attack. That's guilt. And you SHOULD be feeling that. Let that guilt about who you're really working for inform your votes; don't let the corporate money do it."

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Who Is Lissa Lucas And Why Is She Running For The West Virginia District 7 House Of Delegates?

Lucas is an average U.S. citizen who is running for office despite having no formal political background. She is tired of feeling like she is not being represented along with her fellow constituents.

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In Her Own Words:

"I'm a regular person. Just a regular person who got so disgusted with money in politics that, despite being an introvert, I'm running for office."

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In Her Own Words:

"I'm a Democrat… but I know this district is being politically sacrificed by Democratic leadership in order to get energy sector money in their upticket races. I've called, I've written, I've begged in person. Running for office is the only other thing I can think of to fight back."

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Why Lissa Lucas Wants To Get Money Out Of Politics

Lucas hopes to end private financing of our elections so that our politicians no longer work for private interests and corporate donors.

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In Her Own Words:

"[There must be] regular folks to represent us, people who aren't interested in making politics a life-long career. I want to get the money out of politics. That'll make a huge difference — politicians will then have to listen to the voters, their real constituents. Then hopefully I can get back to the farm and go about fixing my camper and hiking with my dog."

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Lissa Lucas On The Issues

To learn more about Lissa Lucas' historic campaign, you can visit her official website here.

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