Move Over Ivanka, There’s A New Complicit Trump In Town & Her Name Is Lara

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The president's daughter-in-law needs to come down from her ivory tower and realize why so many women are against the Trump administration.

During a recent appearance on Fox & Friends, the president's daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, didn't mince her words when speaking about the second annual Women's March.

In the segment, Lara Trump called the peaceful march "a hateful anti-Trump protest" and criticized the movement for being left-leaning.

"I was so disappointed to see the Women's March wasn't just about women," Trump said. "It was more of a hateful anti-Trump protest, which I think is really sad because this president has done so much for women… The reality is that when it comes to the left and when it comes to Democrats, they are okay with all women so long as you have their same opinion on things."

She continued by implying the millions of march participants around the world were sheep. ""And, yet, these women out there are so anti-Trump," she said. "And I don't even think they know why. They just think that's the thing to do."

If you ask me, the real problem is that Lara doesn't know why all those women and their allies are so anti-Trump.

Let's quickly break down just a few of the ways President Trump "has done so much for women" as Lara claims:

  • Was accused of sexual misconduct by over twenty women to date

  • Reversed the Obama-era equal pay rules known as the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order

  • Attempted to limit women's access to birth control by repealing the ACA

  • Attacked Planned Parenthood argued women should be punished for having abortions

  • Proposed budget cuts to violence against women programs

  • Failed to elevate women in leadership by appointing three men for every woman

  • Nominated or endorsed anti-women candidates and accused sexual assaulters

The truth is that those marchers know exactly why they are anti-trump and frankly, so does Lara. All she has to do is read the signs — figuratively and literally.

But playing ignorant and continuing to ride on the coattails of her family's success is certainly easier for Lara than condemning her father-in-law's words and holding him accountable for his deplorable actions.

Just like Ivanka, Lara is entirely complicit in Trump's administration.

Not only was she an active participant in Trump's first election campaigns, but she also reportedly is already working on his reelection campaign. A former TV producer, Lara is even working on producing a series of "Real News" videos that focus on positive stories about the president.

By actively campaigning for and defending Donald this far into his controversial presidency, Lara should be held accountable for her recent comments regarding the Women's March.

She remains silent on the President's anti-feminist agenda and gives lip service to women's rights while condoning a patriarchal administration behind the closed doors of the White House.

It is time we hold Lara's Louboutins to the fire and stop letting the Trump women conflate their own nepotism-derived power with women's empowerment for everyday Americans.