Snowflake Betsy DeVos Needs A Safe Space From Student Criticism


Betsy DeVos Says She’s Hurt By Critics Who Think She Isn’t Protecting Students

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos reportedly is hurt by accusations that she is not a champion of students across America.

According to Politico, DeVos said that it's "hurtful to me when I'm criticized for not upholding the rights of students, the civil rights of students," and that "nothing could be further from the truth."

Sorry, Betsy, but have you even met yourself before? Because that sounds like an accurate description to me.

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Who Is Betsy DeVos & What Are Her Policies? What Does The Secretary Of Education Do?

DeVos was an unpopular pick for Education Secretary the moment her appointment was announced by Trump. She currently has an estimated approval rating of only 28 percent, making her one of the least popular members of Trump's cabinet.

An advocate of controversial charter schools, voucher programs, and privatizing the education sector, she has rescinded a number of Obama's education policies to the dismay of the left.

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Betsy DeVos Was Recently Booed During Her Commencement Speech at Bethune-Cookman University

A sign of just how unpopular she is, DeVos was met with boos from the crowd as she took the stage to give a graduation speech. University students also protested the event by turning their backs to her and holding their fists in the air while she spoke.

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Betsy DeVos Is Being Sued For Rescinding Tile IX Campus Sexual Assault Guidelines

Three different civil rights groups are currently suing DeVos for revoking the Title IX guidelines that aim to protect college survivors who come forward about sexual assault.

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DeVos Might Feel "Hurt," But Her Policies Undoubtedly Hurt Students More

DeVos' current policies have earned her a big fat "F,," if you ask me.

Her desires to gut public education and rescind protections for vulnerable students are as dangerous and they are unpopular.

While she plays the victim, students across the country are having their rights stripped away

We think it's clear DeVos needs a serious lesson in self-awareness.

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