What Your Valentine's Day Plans Say About Your Relationship

valentine's day
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Your 5-star dinner reservation reveals more than you think.

Valentine's Day — you either love it or you hate it. Whether you're a hopeless romantic or a hater of Hallmark holidays, how you spend February 14th might say more about your relationship status than you think. Here's what your V-Day plans actually mean:

If you're going to a 5-star restaurant for dinner:

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Your relationship is probably fairly traditional. You're hopeless romantics at heart who both like to be wined and dined. You planned this date far in advance (because getting a dinner reservation on V-Day is hard). You clearly care about each other, but also might feel pressured to do what society expects of you.

If you're doing a fun activity:


Whether you're going to an indie concert, skydiving, mini golfing, or ice skating, doing something out of the ordinary means you two are a fun couple. You don't take life to seriously and are pretty spontaneous when it comes to spending time with each other.

If you're going on a weekend getaway:

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You and your partner clearly value quality time together. The best way you show affection is by unplugging from the rest of the world and giving your undivided attention to each other. You're also both fairly romantic and you're willing to go the extra mile — literally — when it suits the occasion.

If you're ordering takeout and watching Netflix at home:


Low key is your relationship's middle name. You don't need a fancy dinner or a weekend trip to remind you that you care for each other. A simple night spent cuddling on the couch and watching movies is your favorite way to unwind and destress with each other. You both appreciate the little, simple things.

If you're going on a group date with friends:


You're probably both fairly social, outgoing people who bore easily when left alone for too long of a time period. You treat this holiday fairly casually, and would much rather spend it with all the people you care about, not just your honey. You both are fairly independent and never let your friendships fall to the wayside just because you're in a relationship.

If you're having a romantic dinner at home:

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You're a bit of a romantic and so is your partner. You value the simple things and like to show your affection by putting in lots of effort and hard work. Cooking a meal together and sharing it is the perfect way for both of you to talk and create memories together.

If you're not celebrating but still spending the night together:

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If both of you hate Hallmark holidays and would rather treat V-Day like any other day, you're extremely secure in your relationship. You don't need a bouquet of red roses or a fancy dinner to validate your love for each other. Your relationship is going strong because you don't feel pressured to celebrate despite what society tells you is normal.

If you're celebrating Anti-Valentine's Day with friends:


You can't stand the thought of spending February 14th alone, so you've enlisted all your single friends to throw a Pinterest-Worthy party. You love your friendships more than anything and would never throw them away when you do start dating someone.

If you're spending the night alone with your pet(s):


We think it's safe to say true love has four legs and fur. Your night will be filled with endless licks and cuddles. Congrats! You're and your furbabies are the real winners on V-Day.

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