White Women: Don’t Forget About Race & Class This Equal Pay Day


April 9, 2018 is Equal Pay Day, which marks how far into this year women would need to work to get paid what men did for last year.

But just how large is the pay gap, exactly?

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Economic Policy Institute

Last year, women earned 22 percent less than men on average, even after controlling for race, ethnicity, education, experience, and location.

But some women experience the gender pay gap way more than others.

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Minority and other marginalized women are far more likely to suffer gender discrimination when it comes to their salary.

Here's what date Equal Pay Day would actually fall on for marginalized women across the country.

For The Average Black Woman: May 15th

On average, black women make only 63 cents on the white man's dollar.

For The Average Latina Woman: June 17th

On average, Latina women make only 54 cents on the white man's dollar.

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Want to compare your salary to your male colleagues? You can check out the gender pay gap calculator here.