What Hillary And Donald’s Career Horoscopes Say On Election Day

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Could the stars predict the 2016 Presidential Election?

With Election Day in full swing, tensions across the country are high as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump race for the White House. But could the stars have the answers before every vote has even been cast?

Do you believe in astrology? Here's what the career horoscopes say is in store today for America's primary presidential candidates:



Are you with her? If so, Hillary's career horoscope seems promising! There's no surprise it mentions there's a promotion on the line - she's only running for the most powerful job position in the world! It looks like HRC and her supporters need to stop stressing and start voting. The first female president could be closer than you know it!



Do you want to make American great again? If so, Donald's career horoscope seems a bit ominous! Could there secretly be trouble brewing between The Donald and his running mate Mike Pence? With Election Day in full swing, Trump's camp needs to come together and avoid conflict if they want to win the White House.

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