What Does FKA Twigs Mean? What Is FKA Twigs’ Real Name?


With Robert Pattinson's recent revelation that he is "kind of engaged" to FKA Twigs, many people are wondering exactly who the Twilight star's alleged fiancée is. And what does FKA Twigs mean, anyway? Is it just a stage name, and if so, how did she choose it?

What is FKA Twigs' real name?

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FKA Twigs real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett. She is an English singer, songwriter, producer, and dancer who has been dating Robert Pattinson since September 2014.

What does FKA Twigs Mean?

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FKA Twigs is Barnett's stage name. She earned the nickname Twigs as a child because her constantly cracking joints / bones would sound like twigs snapping. The FKA stands for "formerly known as," since another artists already uses the moniker Twigs.

Unlike Beyoncé's alter ego Sasha Fierce, FKA Twigs insists the moniker is not an entirely separate persona. She still goes by her real name in private:

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