Turn Off Your Phone And Take A Bubble Bath: It’ll Help Your Relationship

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Soaking in suds together can be really sexy.

They next time you come home to your honey after a long day of work, don't fall into your usual routine of Netflix and takeout pizza together.

Instead, turn off your devices and turn on the faucet.

Taking a couples bath is the greatest thing that will ever happen to your relationship. Seriously.

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If you haven't taken a supersensual bath with your man, you're seriously missing out. Getting steamy in the bath tub will bring countless benefits for your relationship:

It helps you avoid fighting.

By relaxing and de-stressing you, your boyfriend and you will be much less tense — and by extension, much less prone to fighting. If you're currently having a spat, it can clear your mind and improve your mental state.

It increases intimacy.

Turning off the lights, lighting a few candles, and drawing a bath can go a long way. Being completely naked in the tub with your man means you've let down all of your defenses. The skin on skin contact is sure to bring you closer to your partner.

It elevates your mood.

Hot baths will get your endorphins flowing. You'll be noticeably happier by the time you dry off — and that mood will carry on the next day or even week.

It turns you on.

Couples baths can easily turn into foreplay. Take turns washing, massaging, caressing, and kissing each other.

It makes you grateful.

By making a couples bath your weekly ritual, you will strengthen your bond over time. Taking the quality time to be alone together and enjoy yourselves will improve your appreciation for your partner.

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