Trump’s So-Called "Health" Dept. Wiped Breast Cancer Info From Its Website

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The war on women's health continues...

Apparently Donald Trump's Health Department doesn't think breast cancer information should be included on its website.

A report by the Sunlight Foundation's Web Integrity Project noted that the Office on Women's Health appears to have censored and removed an entire vertical of crucial information about breast cancer that used to be readily displayed on the site.

"This censorship sows real doubt about health considerations for populations of vulnerable women throughout the country," Web Integrity Project's director of policy tweeted.

A spokesperson for the HHS told ThinkProgress, "Before we update any of the information… we engage in a comprehensive audit and use analysis process that includes reviewing other federal consumer health websites to ensure we are not duplicating efforts or presenting redundant information."

In response to the change, congressional candidate Cathy Myers tweeted:

According to the Web Integrity Project, the only information left on the OWH's website regarding breast cancer prevention is a section on mammogram breast cancer screenings. Nothing remains on symptoms, treatment, risk factors, low-cost cancer screening programs, etc.

As Myers pointed out, the site also removed information that stated the Affordable Care Act requires coverage of no-cost breast cancer screenings for certain women.

Actions speak louder than words, and the White House's decision to remove crucial breast cancer text from its website is yet another assault on women's health.


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