Trump Just Fired The First Black Female Usher In White House History Because He’s A Spiteful Man-Child

The reason will infuriate you.

Earlier this week, President Trump raised more than a few eyebrows when he suddenly and surreptitiously fired Angella Reid. Reid was the first Black woman to work as the White House Chief Usher.

The White House staff was notified of the abrupt firing last Friday morning and told that she was "no longer employed."

We know Trump has always had a knack for firing people since his days starring on The Apprentice. But his most recent firing of Reid is particularly controversial since the role of Chief Usher is not even a political position.

The Washington Post

Ushers usually stay on after the sitting president leaves office. In fact, there have only been nine ushers at the White House since 1885.

Chief Ushers work as the General Manager of the White House, supervising the maids, butlers, chefs, and other various other staff members. They also may have some minor administrative responsibilities.

Many news outlets and political commentators have been speculating that Trump's decision to fire Reid is simply out of spite because she was hired by former President Barack Obama back in 2011.

Her unusually short tenure in the White House does seem to align with Trump's desire to undo Obama's legacy. He has already established a pattern lashing out at anyone who threatens to make him look inferior to his predecessor.

Donald Trump promised to "drain the swamp" when he got into the White House.

Apparently what he really meant was to drain the White House of anyone who threatens his fragile ego.

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