Trump Is The Best Thing To Happen To George W. Bush — And He Knows It


It's no secret that former President George W. Bush doesn't exactly have the best reputation from his time in the White House. At it's lowest point, his approval rating was only 25%.

But now that Donald Trump has moved into the Oval Office, Bush is looking pretty good in comparison. In fact, Donald Trump's approval rating makes him the least popular president in recent history.

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George W. Bush seems to be well aware of this fact, reportedly joking about it among friends and colleagues.

According to the National Journal, Bush has reportedly said, "Sorta makes me look pretty good, doesn't it?" and has openly joked about being a beneficiary of the current administration.

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As people have been comparing and contrasting the failings of the Bush and Trump administrations, Will Ferrell recently reprised his Bush impersonation on Saturday Night Live to remind everyone how "bad" he was in office in case they've forgotten.

View the hilarious SNL skit here.

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