Tomi Lahren Stuffs Guns In Her Yoga Pants, Because Sanity Is For Snowflakes

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That's really going to interfere with Downward Dog, Tomi…

Tomi Lahren, alt-right darling and noted crazy person, really likes stuffing guns down her yoga pants.

You know, just in case someone tries to shoot her at SoulCycle.

The conservative commentator and gun enthusiast recently posted a photo to her Instagram with a pistol pointed down the crotch of her athletic pants.

She captioned the post:

"Live. Speak. Stand. Run. Carry with Confidence. Ladies, chances are your assailant is gonna be bigger, stronger and faster and that's why you have @alexoathletica for your gun, your mace, or even your phone. Yeah, you've got it covered. #TeamTomi #alexoathletica#NotYourAverageGunGirl"

The pants are being sold by a brand named Alexo Athletica, which specializes in "active carry-wear" for women.

Lahren posted the photo the day before the nationwide March for Our Lives protest against gun violence, striking a nerve with several critics.

Twitter had a field day with the poorly-timed photo and told Lahren what they really thought of her Second Amendment fashion statement.

"Hello. It's me, the responsible gun owner with a greater than average chance of shooting myself in the genitals," one person wrote.

"When you strap a gun to your vagina so Republicans will refuse to regulate it," another person quipped.

"'The only thing that stops a bad vagina with a gun is a good vagina with a gun!' — Tomi Lahren," one person joked.

"I'm glad they are FINALLY making yoga pants that meet my knife toting, gun carrying needs. Gotta do child's pose with my handgun!" another critic said.

We think it goes without saying that you should not keep your firearm or any other weapon in your pants during yoga class.



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